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Why ChatNow?

4 Reasons Why ChatNow is Important for Your Business

Convenience to Customers

Live chat provide real time convenience to your customers

increase sales

Increase conversion rates & generate leads to improve sales

better customer relationship

Quick and friendly response can keep your customers happy

Get Competitive Advantage

It’s never been more important to stand out among your competitors

About ChatNow

ChatNow is developed by 360 Marketing, which is an integrated marketing solutions service provider in Malaysia. ChatNow allows your target audience to begin a chat with you through WhatsApp without having your phone number saved in their phone, which mean they can immediately start chatting with you with a click! With this convenience, it can increase the conversion rate significantly and improve your marketing effectiveness.

How to use?

It is simple and free to use, you only need to create and add the link at your marketing campaigns, eg, facebook, whatsapp marketing, website, email and etc.

1. Free Create

Format: http://chatnow.my/[MobileNo] *Replace [MobileNo] included country code. Example: http//chatnow.my/60123456789

2. Add the Link

Add the link http://chatnow.my/[MobileNo] to any of your marketing campaigns, your target audience can start chatting with you with a click without saving your phone number.


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